In-Store Tablet Stands

Feature Aspirational Looks for Customers
Increase In-Store Sales Conversions

Consumers Demand More from the In-Store Experience
Consumers are often overwhelmed by the variety of apparel and accessories available in stores. They have difficulty visualizing how these products look like on a person and how to match them with other items.

Consumers also want their apparel and accessories to complete their aspirational looks. They want to know if the items have been worn by inspirational individuals or learn about how the products fit within broader style trends.

Increase Sales with Customer-Facing Tablet Stands
Together with RunwayStop, stores can introduce in-store tablet stands to improve the consumer shopping experience, while increasing sales conversion rates. Powered by the RunwayStop Retail app (available to partners only), stores can present aspirational photos of people wearing the items available in their store along with interactive descriptions. They can also collect consumer contact information for future marketing endeavors.

Easily Manage Content & Track Analytics
Partner retailers have access to a content management system, which allows them to easily upload new content or load content from Instagram and other platforms. They can also view in-depth analytics about consumers’ interactions with the stands.

Additional External Exposure
In addition, the content uploaded onto the tablet stands will be (optionally) linked to the consumer-facing RunwayStop Guides website and RunwayStop iPhone app, providing retailers with external marketing.

In Summary

RunwayStop Retail
Tablet App

Optimized to maximize audience engagement and stores' ROI

Beautiful Tablet

Draw customers while blending in
inside of stores

Web Content
Management System

Offers easy-to-use content management tools and usage analytics